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A contract review requires diligence and an eye for detail. Our experts do that for you. Some of the common contracts reviewed are: Non-Solicitation Contract, Non-Disclosure agreement, Memorandum of Understanding etc.

The analytical discipline of contract review is an essential component of risk management services. We provide experienced insight to the business risks associated with:

1. Entering into contracts and business agreements.
2. Negotiations with counterparties regarding operational and performance risks.
3. Examination of insurable consequences of indemnification agreements
4. Control of risk issues during the development and construction process
5. Drafting effective agreements to limit risks and assure enforceable contracts

Typically, this process is simply referred to as “contract review,” when in fact it entails a much more intense examination of documents. Contractual risks exist in virtually every business document, and your assumption of liabilities is often masked in a variety of obligations. It’s our objective to identify those risks and qualify the obligations.

We routinely identify contract deficiencies that entail:

1. Indemnities that are against public policy or violate state anti-indemnity acts
2. Risks that should be supported by insurance, but are not, and exposures that can’t be insured
3. Additional requirements that conflict with the indemnification requirements
4. Requirements that are outdated and can result in added risk
5. Waiver of Subrogation provisions that expose your balance sheet and assets
6. Absence of defense and release provisions, often with a problematic scope of indemnity
7. Business continuation risks, revenue interruption risks and contingent risks
8. Assumption of liabilities that aren’t insured, but for which you’re self-insuring

It is not our intent to provide legal or accounting advice, but to provide you with tools to make informed decisions about accepting risk in your contracts, transactions and operations, and to decipher which risks can be insured and which cannot.

We make sure that there are no confusing or hard to understand provisions in the contracts that we receive from you and will return a revised copy of your original contract or agreement.

Our team will read any fine print and send you a revised version or additional comments, helping you to make informed decisions.