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Our focus is on employment-based visas for professional employees. Our Firm help clients achieve success in all immigration matters. We have handled many clients with straight forward as well as complex cases, which means that what ever is your situation, possibilities are we already have experience in handling the situation.

We know that the U.S. immigration process is confusing, complicated, and often contradictory. Our job is to help you successfully navigate a system characterized by ever-changing regulations and procedures. We seek to minimize these challenges, particularly the confusion and frustration that is often associated with the visa application process.

1. Walk Through: We walk you through the application process and discuss the do’s and dont’s.
2. No Hassle: We take care of everything for you all the way through you don’t have to worry about the mind-numbing paperwork, we do it for you.
3. Response Time: Speed is the key in the immigration process. No one wants to wait days to hear back on an important issue!
4. Strength: Analytical and up to date Global knowledge of Legal, Immigration, Employments & VISA procedures.
5. Cost effective: You save plenty in service fees when compared to immigration office attorney. We charge way too less but we do not compromise on the quality of service. Way to keep a balanced budget, while prioritizing quality and cost-efficiency.
6. Flat Fees: We guarantee that we charge a flat fees and there are no hidden charges.
7. Personal immigration Consultant: We assign you a personal immigration consultant who will be the same person doing your case from beginning to end. A real human being you can call anytime directly for any question or concern you might have.
8. Efficiency: We also put great value in efficiency. Individuals and businesses alike want their immigration matters resolved as quickly as possible, and we always try to fulfill their needs with both thoroughness and speed.